Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to the daily grind

I started spring semester today, which is the one I've been dreading since I began upper division... Pediatrics / OB. I've been placed in peds for clinical at a very prestigious facility here in Portland. I hope it's not too painful! For one thing, I was pleasantly surprised today when I was told the required hours only add up to 80. Do some quick math in my head... what I THOUGHT would be a 6 week rotation is only 9 shifts. I thought there were 12! There's one week entirely off and another week with only one day in it. SWEET! That certainly made my day. The biggest impact will be on late-season goose hunting. I had pretty much written it off, but I'm going to use one (maybe both) of those shortened weeks to head down to my parent's place and go hunting. I'd tentatively planned on going there this weekend to fit in one more duck hunt, and it's looking like it'll happen now that I've seen what the class load is like this first week. Woot!

In addition, I sat through the usual training sessions for work. Boring as usual, since I've now seen the SAME powerpoint presentation 9 times. It's all about the paycheck!

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