Friday, January 16, 2009

Personal Anomalies, Part 1

I find it amusing that people often comment on how diverse my personality is. Truth be told, I like being considered unique.

To start with, I love hunting and fishing... not hobbies that alot of women are interested in. I love carrying a shotgun through marsh water that extends above my knees. I love the suspense of waiting for legal shooting hours, and how the sun creeps up so slowly in the east. I love the whisper of waterfowl wings in the predawn hush. I love the relative isolation from the stress of daily life. I love the subtle differences of ducks in flight... the graceful pintail, erratic teal, slow-approaching mallards, and beauty of a wood duck. I love the honking of an approaching flock of geese, paying close attention to the variations in tone and timbre. I love the smell of gunpowder in the moments after I've fired a few shells. I love that a thermos of coffee tastes so much better in a layout blind than it does in any coffee shop. I love spending that sacred time with my dad.

At the same time, I love scrapbooking and quilting. (Especially scrapbooking the memories made while hunting!)

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